Saturday, April 5, 2014

Biodynamic gardening classes in Taos New Mexico

Biodynamics is my favorite farming topic, in spite of feeling like I am  practicing some form of witchcraft, cow horns stuffed with cow manure and buried for 8 months, then removed from the earth,  2 or 3 TBSP added to a bucket of water, the whole mess stirred for one hour in vortexes, droplets sprayed over your farm or garden and Viola  real soil?  Sounds too good to be true? or like voodoo??? Well I tried it over 15 years ago, and it  WORKED!
So I have been practicing and studying ever since.
I am offering a weekend workshop on basic Biodynamic techniques this coming weekend April 12th and 13th.
Class will include stirring and applying 500, the soil prep, stirring and applying Barrel Compost, and making a compost pile using the 6 Biodynamic compost preparations.
Students will have the opportunity to take home and apply 500 and Barrel Compost to their gardens and farms.
Class starts April 12th at 1:00 and continues at 10:00 on the 13th,  The course in Biodynamics takes place at Farmhouse Cafe gardens, in Taos New Mexico.
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