Monday, July 15, 2013


Okay, we have been having a lot of fun weeding on friday afternoons, and then switching to drinking some wine and sharing snacks afterwards.  So the girls and I decided to invite everyone and share the fun.
Weeding is just the pulling type, no smoking.  You know, bindweed, purslane and such. Not noxious, but definitely obnoxious!
We start around 4 or 5, weed till 7 and then drink some wine and nibble on snacks.  Last week we had roasted garlic, crackers, some goat cheese and fruit.
Since it is Farmer Melinda's Birthday too, party favors of garlic for all working guests!
Morning Star Farm, 544 Hondo-Seco Road, Arroyo Hondo NM
See you there!!!!

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