Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Three Kings Preparation

I always love the twelve holy nights. These deep nights of darkness offer me a invitation  to delve into my inner life, examining my dreams, hopes and desires for the farm and my personal life. It is also the time to work with and apply the Three Kings Preparation.

A bit of history about this unusual preparation. It was created by Hugo Erbe, a student of Steiner's after the bombing of Hiroshima. He created this preparation to protect elementals from the negative effects of the various forms of pollution man is increasingly creating.

The Three Kings preparation is made from the substances that the Three Kings from the Orient brought to the Christ child on January 6th, Ephinany or Three Kings day.  Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh are the main ingredients. These ingredients get ground together and mixed with some rain water and glycerin to form a richly scented, resinous, golden paste on New Years Eve. Then on Ephinany, the preparation gets stirred and applied. This preparation differs from other applications of BD preparations as it is used as a Perimeter spray being sprayed away from the farm or garden to create a safe, protected space for the elementals. 

This preparation is said to offer protection from various negative forces, EMF's, nuclear contamination, and weather events, such as frost, hail, heavy rains, droughts.

I can share a story about my experiences. Last year I was away in El Salvador over the Holy Nights. I had run out of Three Kings Preparation, ( one batch can be used for several years ) and figured it would not matter if we skipped applying it for one year since we have been applying if for 12 years. When I returned to the farm in late March I jumped into farming once again. One particularly windy May day, a twister type wind came across the farm and went into the Greenhouse. Once inside the Greenhouse, this twister lifted up, destroying over $3,000.00 worth of plastic and shade cloth. In hindsight I will always wonder if this event would have happened if the Three Kings preparation had been applied.

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